Vitamins And Your Coronary Heart


Wactawski-Wende J, Kotchen JM, Anderson GL, Assaf AR, Brunner RL, O’Sullivan MJ. Calcium plus vitamin d supplementation and the risk of colorectal most cancers. Marcus PM, Newcomb PA. The affiliation of calcium and vitamin d, and colon and rectal cancer in wisconsin women.

Excessive dietary intake of vitamin a is related to decreased bone mineral density and elevated threat for hip fracture. Pocobelli G, Peters U, Kristal AR, White E. Use of dietary supplements of multivitamins, vitamin c, and vitamin e in relation to mortality. Kushi LH, Folsom AR, Prineas RJ, Mink PJ, Wu Y, Bostick RM. Dietary antioxidant nutritional vitamins and demise from coronary coronary heart disease in postmenopausal women. In addition, we now have quite a few delivery techniques that include capsule, chewable, soft chew, drink-combine, or shake. It’s particularly important to keep away from taking vitamin E dietary supplements.


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Small quantities of vitamins are required in the food regimen to advertise growth, copy, and health. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are called the fat-soluble vitamins, because they’re soluble in organic solvents and are absorbed and transported in a manner just like that of fat. Another line of research about folate and two other B vitamins, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, explores their roles in reducing some kinds of cancer and heart illness. Chlebowski RT, Johnson KC, Kooperberg C, Pettinger M, Wactawski-Wende J, Rohan T. Calcium plus vitamin d supplementation and the chance of breast cancer.

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