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While the growth of low-virulent MHV-S and neurovirulent MHV-JHM was significantly suppressed in IFN-treated L cells compared with untreated cells, inhibition of the highly hepatovirulent MHV-2 stain was not observed in IFN-handled cells . These data suggest that MHV-2 may have a specific mechanism for evading the immune response. There are many strains of murine coronavirus, or MHV, exhibiting different tropisms and levels of virulence. MHV infection of the mouse is thought to be top-of-the-line animal fashions for the research of demyelinating ailments corresponding to multiple sclerosis. Other strains cause enteric disease, are unfold easily by an oral-fecal route in animal colonies, and are a specific hazard to immunocompromised animals .

The spike protein interacts with the transmembrane region of the M protein during assembly . For some viruses, spike-mediated cell-to-cell fusion occurs, thus selling syncytium formation and viral spread. Nucleocapsid protein complexes with genome RNA, forming helical buildings.

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